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Kampong Batik (Batik Village) | Berita Informasi Terbaru Update & Lengkap 2014

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Kampong Batik (Batik Village)

As we know Batik is one of World Heritage from Indonesia.  There is a lot of Village /area that produce Batik in Indonesia.  This time i want to review Kampong Batik in Surakarta (Solo), Central of Java, Indonesia.

Kampong Batik Laweyan

Batik is a traditional art work that has been the source of living of Laweyan society for ages. Laweyan was known as “juragan batik” kampong. It achieved its best moment in 1970s. There are still many interesting batik showrooms that can be visited at present as one of expense tourism destination. Kampong Batik Laweyan located in Surakarta (Solo), Central of Java, Indonesia.

Laweyan was known as the center of batik at the era of Kingdom of Pajang in 1546. As a cultural pledge, there are a lot of historical sites can be visited. They are Laweyan Mosque, the burial ground of Ki Ageng Henis (the founding father of Mataram King), Ki Ageng Henis and Sutowijoyo’s (Panembahan Senopati) houses, the ex-Laweyan traditional market, the burial ground of Jayengrana (Untung Suropati’s soldier), Merdeka Mosque, Makmoer Mosque, and the residence of H. Samanhudi, the founding father of Serikat Dagang Islam.

Laweyan is also famous of its characteristic architecture and environment. The mix Javanese, Europe, Chinese and Islamic elements color the building architecture in Laweyan. High gateway, or is known as beteng, forms narrow alley for the entrance to the building.

Kampung batik KAUMAN

Kauman Village has close links with the history of the move of Kartasura Palace to Solo which later changed its name to Kasunanan Palace. Kauman is a place of scholars consisting of several layers of society ranging from the prince commentary anom, preacher, muezzin, suronoto and courtiers (Indonesian translation: Kaum). The existence of the majority population in the region becomes the basis for the choice name “Kauman”.

The courtiers get special training from Kasunanan Palace for producing batik either jarik (traditional Javanese cloth) or scarves and so forth. In other words, the tradition of producing batik is inherited directly by Ndalem Kraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat (Kasunanan palace). Based on the provision of expertise provided by the Kauman community to produce works that directly relate to batik motifs that are often used by the royal family

In its development, the art of Kauman batik can be divided into three forms of classical batik motifs grip (batik tulis), pure batik stamp and a combination model between them. Batik-patterned grip that is heavily influenced by Kasunanan Palace is a prime product of Kampong Batik Kauman. Kauman batik products made using natural silk and woven silk, cotton and prime type premisima, rayon.

Kampong Batik Kauman which has 20-30s home industries of batik becomes the expense tourist destination intertwined hereditary. Most of the foreign tourists come from Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States. Uniqueness offered to the tourists is the ease of transactions, looking at the home venue for the activities of batik production. That is, visitors have the opportunity to find out and do the process of batik making.

Besides the production of batik, Kampong Batik Kauman offers many of historical sites such as joglo houses, Limasan, colonial, and the mixture between colonial and Javanese architecture. The buildings of the past remain strong amid towering modern architecture shopping malls, financial institutions (banks and foreign exchange). Not to mention home stays and hotels are widely available around the Kampong Batik Kauman. Other facilities around the village Kauman clearly provide special conveniences for all the tourists who visit in meeting other needs beyond batik


This is a kind of Batik Solo, one of batik tradition from Indonesia :



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Kampong Batik (Batik Village)

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