Cody Simpson, Pesaing Justin Bieber | Profil | Biografi | Biodata

Cody Simpson’s debut single is titled iYiYi who collaborated with U.S. rapper Flo Rida. Then the second single titled Summertime. Up to this time Cody Simpson has released 5 singles with Title iYiYi, Summertime, All Day, I want Candy, and On My Mind.

Cody Simpson, Pesaing Justin Bieber. Occurrences Cody Simpson, Justin Competitors proves that the video site YouTube is one very effective means to show the talent we have, and may be known as Justin, Cody Simpson, Jojo Sprott, Brigadier Norman, and other artists that led them from a video on youtube site. Roughly you select or Cody Simpson Justin Bieber? : D

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