Biaya Haji Tahun 2011

Repayment Fee Year 2011 Hajj this can take place from August 15 until August 26 2011di Beneficiary Bank Deposit (BPS). For service time in order repayment BPIH Connecticut was closed until 16:00 pm and 17:00 pm, and 18:00 CEST. If until the August 26 regular quota of pilgrims has not been met, then the repayment will be extended starting September 6 to 9 September 2011. And until the last date when the extension is still not able to repay it will be a delay departure until the following year. As for the special BPIH of USD 7000 or USD.60.9 million. Biaya Haji Tahun 2011

So information about the cost of the pilgrimage this year (Biaya Haji Tahun 2011), hopefully this information can help colleagues who are planning to go on Hajj. For further information please contact the relevant ministries other religions. Biaya Haji Tahun 2011

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