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Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana | Berita Informasi Terbaru Update & Lengkap 2014

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Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana

Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana


Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana – As we know every country have their own border, but there is underground tunnel for accros that border.  The underground tunnel maybe for ilegall human imigration or carry some ilegal stuf like marijuana.

This tunnel located in Mexican and United States border.  The entrance to the tunnel, which was still under construction, was found concealed in a house in the Mexican border city of Tijuana. Rigged with lights and ventilation shafts, the 6ft high tunnel cut through the rock for 300 metres and, had it not been found, would have been used smuggle vast quantities of drugs across the border. Mexican army General Alfonso Duarte said the sophisticated tunnel, which was equipped with lights and ventilation, is nearly 300m long and six feet in height.

Last November, authorities in Tijuana found between 25 and 30 tons of marijuana in a 600-metre tunnel. At least eight tunnels have been found running beneath the streets on both sides of the border since October last year. In May, 12 suspected members of a powerful drug gang and a member of Mexico’s Navy were killed in a shoot-out on an island lake that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border.

This is the picture of Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana in Mexican and United States border :

Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana


Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana

Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana

Drug traffickers used the island on Falcon Lake, located between Texas and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, for storing marijuana to be transported by boat to America. The 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border already has 650 miles of fence, nearly half of it in the state of  Arizona. The state’s 376-mile border is the busiest gateway for both illegal immigrants and marijuana smuggling.

The Governor of Arizona recently signed a bill to erect a fence along the border with Mexico that went ahead without the cooperation of the White House. A project has started with the agreement of landowners and construction could begin this year. Minimum-security prisoners already have been used to clear brush in immigrants’ hiding spots near the border, and clean up trash and other materials dumped there. The fund has received nearly 44,000 donations totalling more than $3.7 million, collected online and through mailed donations since May 2010.

There is hard to close other Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana.  If some closes they will make another underground tunnel for accros the border.


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Underground Tunnel to carry marijuana

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