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Music From Indonesia | Berita Informasi Terbaru Update & Lengkap 2014

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Music From Indonesia

Music From Indonesia – Indonesian is the biggest country in the world.  There are so many culture in this country.  If you travel to Indonesia, you will see every side of this country have there own culture.  From that you will see the beauty of Indonesia, that you wont see in other country.

Music From Indonesia

Angklung one of Instrument Music From Indonesia

Different culture will make there own art, especially in music.  There are a lot of kind Music From Indonesia,.  You will find the unique of indonesia traditional music and they instrument.  Many country in this world interesting to learn indonesia tradition music, because is very unique and diferrent that western music.  As we known, western people has bored with they culture, and they interest to try a something new, such as Indonesia music. In this article we will discuss about Indonesia music instrument.

One of example of indonesia traditional Music From Indonesia is Gamelan. Given the enormous cultural and ethnic mix that makes up Indonesia, it’s hardly surprising that the range of traditional music and dance across the archipelago is so vast. Best-known are the highly stylized and mannered classical dance performances in Java and Bali, accompanied by the gamelan orchestra. Every step of these dances is minutely orchestrated, and the merest wink of an eye, arch of an eyebrow and angle of a finger has meaning and significance. The tradition remains vibrant, passed down by experts to often very young pupils. Ubud on Bali and Yogyakarta on Java are the centres for these dances, with shortened performances staged in several venues every night for Western visitors. Yogya is also the main place in Indonesia to catch a performance of shadow puppet plays, wayang kulit . A gamelan is an ensemble of tuned percussion, consisting mainly of gongs, metallophones and drums. Gamelan instruments may be made of bronze, iron, brass, wood or bamboo, with wooden frames, which are often intricately carved and painted.

If you want to know more about Indonesia music you can visit our embassy in your country.  But in this article we will give you a little bit of Music From Indonesia instrument, that we found on Internet :


There are a history and a lot of meaning about this music instrument.  But now we play music from Indonesia just for fun and for our entertainment.  We will give you a little bit Video of Indonesia music Instrument that we found in youtube :

Angklung music instrument Video

Gamelan Music Instrument Video | Music From Indonesia

Sasando Music Instrument Video



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Music From Indonesia

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