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Google First Advertisement in Indonesia | Berita Informasi Terbaru Update & Lengkap 2014

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Google First Advertisement in Indonesia

Google First Advertisement in Indonesia – I observed this ad is part of the campaign activities of Google Chrome products which usually are aimed weeks to campaign and raise the use of Google’s Chrome browser in Indonesia. but even commercial purpose but for looks nicely packaged and touching and emotional human side many people consider ads if Google Chrome is a very touching and made ​​a lot of goosebumps to see it, so forget about the commerciality of an advertisement. Google Chrome ads in Indonesia has two versions, the first version raised the humanity and patriotism of a Valencia Randa using the browser Google Chrome to be an intermediary for people who need blood donations by blood donors.

Google First Advertisement in Indonesia

I will review Google First Advertisement in Indonesia, Blood For Life edition.   in advertising that lasted one minute Valencia use all Google products ranging from Gmail, Blogspot, Youtube, navigating through Google + to deploy a humanitarian mission to bridge the people who need blood donations by blood donors. from a Google Groups account “Blood For Life” he was seeking people need blood and then disseminate information to members of the group that he created.

Story began when a father takes blood group O-which is very rare. then he asked for help to Valencia . not how information spreads in cyberspace and propagated by many members of the group. one by one e-mail that offers blood group O-arriving in e-mail account Valencia.  This is the Video :

Google Chrome Ads Indonesia Video, Blood For Life Edition

Other Google First Advertisement in Indonesia another is an ” Lia tersayang its mean Lia Precious edition. This ads i think like other google Chrome ads, Dear Sophie but translate and using Indonesian condition.

This ad tells a father figure named Dani Kusuma. he made a Gmail account with the name lia.tersayang @ gmail.com. then through your e-mail he sent his own special moments of her son and immediately sent to lia.tersayang @ gmail.com. He hoped in the future he could see the love that account to his son if he is big, to show how great affection to his son. This step will probably inspire a lot of the fathers in the world to be more loving of their children.

this version is more ad touches an emotional side. I was thrilled to see this ad. I also have dreams to do the same thing to a child I later to show how much affection I. * tears

This is the Video :

Google First Advertisement in Indonesia Video, Lia Tersayang

And the last google chrome ads is Indonesia Berkebun edition, its mean Indonesia gardening.  This ad has a green environmental theme. The story begins when there is a vacant land in Jakarta. To utilize the vacant land, a person looking for friends who have the awareness to the environment. He invites friends to plant trees and use the land to be environmentally green. Eventually formed a community called Indonesia gardening. This community is growing not only in Jakarta but in Indonesia. Eventually people began to realize the importance of protecting the environment in order to stay green.  This the Video :

Google First Advertisement in Indonesia , Indonesia Berkebun


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Google First Advertisement in Indonesia

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