10 Best Free iPad Apps

10 Best Free iPad Apps – over 425,000 iOS apps in the iTunes App Store, 100,000 of them native iPad apps. That’s an extraordinary amount of software battling for a home within your iPad or iPad 2, and there’s no doubt that some is great and some is junk. So the vital question is: how does one find the gems among the garbage? The most basic answer is to read App Store user ratings and reviews, but that’s a potential time-suck of massive proportions. Besides, the wisdom of crowds isn’t always all that wise. The better answer would be to check out our picks for the 10 Best Free iPad Apps


10 Best Free iPad Apps 10 Best Free iPad Apps


It should be noted that iPad and iPad 2 apps tend to go for a higher price than their iPhone counterparts. Still, many of the apps listed here are free, or cost less than $10. That may be pricey by iPhone standards, where .99 cents rules the roost, but, compared to desktop software it’s a bargain—and there isn’t a dud in the bunch. Install them all, and you’ll be well on the way to an excellent tablet computer experience. We’ve included links to in-depth reviews when available.  Here is 10 Best Free iPad Apps  :

1. TweetDeck for iPad (Type Social Network)

TweetDeck for iPad

It may not support social networks such as Facebook or location-based services such as Foursquare, but TweetDeck for iPad is a respectable Twitter reader with an intuitive interface and accurate geo-tagging.


2. Twitter for iPad (Type Social Network)

Twitter for iPad

Crafting new tweets may prove irritating due to an overcrowded screen, but the Editors’ Choice award-winning Twitter for iPad is the best mobile Twitter client around, hands-down.

3. Calculator (Type Business)

Air Display 1.2 (for iPad)

Need to crunch some numbers? Calculator for iPad Free gives you a large, easy-to-read, attractive basic and scientific calculator for solving problems. Multitouch support lets you swipe away numbers. Upgrading to the $0.99 adds six additional themes: Standard, Silver Keyboard, Retro Grey, Pink Keyboard, Happy Pink, and Wooden.


4. Dragon Dictation (Type Productivity)

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